Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

I screenshot a lot. I realize this now.
  1. Business and social updates in the media about Abercrombie & Fitch
    I work for this company (it's other brand, Hollister) so I like to keep up with how our business is doing as well as how the media perceives us.
  2. Messages from my babes 💛
    Whether after a quarrel or just out of the blue, I like to keep these in my camera roll as little reminders that this long distance relationship is working.
  3. Local upcoming events
    Reminders about events (free and ticket-required) that peak my interest/inspiration.
  4. New products to consider (someday)
    Ads on Facebook and Instagram get me every time. Still, shop small or local ✌
  5. Books to add to my never-ending list
    What do you call a person who can't stop buying books - new or old - when they already have a stack of unread books at home?