Screenshots on My Phone That Are Too Important to Delete

  1. because you need to remember the big picture, more things than you have issues
  2. this seems unlikely but meaningful
  3. was a big night for me and was overwhelmed
  4. very rare quinn morgendorffer
  5. when john legend by accident favorited and then unfavorited my dumb tweet but I don't care because I have evidence and I'm sad because some cute PA prob got fired
  6. the always vibes of baby chloe and kate
  7. the time some one told me I reminded them of Ilana from broad city but they spelled it liana and I was really cool with it
  8. it just makes sense
  9. because someone thought this would work but then it did
  10. there is always a right time and a place to agree
  11. because it's so natural
  12. nothing has every felt more important than Sunday roast