1. because you need to remember the big picture, more things than you have issues
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  2. this seems unlikely but meaningful
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  3. was a big night for me and was overwhelmed
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  4. very rare quinn morgendorffer
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  5. when john legend by accident favorited and then unfavorited my dumb tweet but I don't care because I have evidence and I'm sad because some cute PA prob got fired
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  6. the always vibes of baby chloe and kate
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  7. the time some one told me I reminded them of Ilana from broad city but they spelled it liana and I was really cool with it
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  8. it just makes sense
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  9. because someone thought this would work but then it did
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  10. there is always a right time and a place to agree
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  11. because it's so natural
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  12. nothing has every felt more important than Sunday roast
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