Screenshots I Have On My Phone, Explained

  1. My boyfriend takes things too literally and I always have to explain my jokes. I therefore one day plan to have a giant pile of screenshots of me kindly explaining things to his feeble mind
  2. I was going to The Southern Women's convention with jen's mom and Toby from PLL was gonna be there. I had to show Jen all the fun she was going to be missing. Sad part is we never saw Toby and instead we saw the My Big Fat Fabulous Life girl
  3. My mom drunkenly fell asleep in a chair outside and I had to share with Jen the product of my misfortunes by screenshoting the text message aftermath
  4. Some girl I knew from high school got pregnant and posted this. I thought this was hilarious and sad.
  5. Alex sent me like 80 drunk snaps with that overplayed "when you" thing and I tried to save all of them to send them to him but I only have this one
  6. I was facetiming Matt and Jen and I wanted to get a screenshot of my beautiful bby I haven't seen in like 3 months 😭