I was debating even admitting that I know/love this album top to bottom. But I figured I may not be alone here. A few things you should know abt this album: 15 million+ copies sold, 5 hit singles, 2 Grammys. My take on the album: 2004. 8th grade. 1st boyfriend, 1st breakup, lots of teenage feelings. Disclaimer: songs 2-9 are often interchangeable.
  1. Since You've Been Gone
    I don't need to explain this one in depth. It's just the biggest song Kelly will ever have. I'd like to assume if you don't know this album, you definitely know this song.
  2. Beautiful Disaster (Live)
    Live version is important to note here. She put out the original version on her prior album "Thankful" but begged the producers to keep it stripped down, but they ignored her suggestion. So she put this version out on her follow up album and it's 1,000 times better. THE FINAL CHORUS, PEOPLE!!!!
  3. Where Is Your Heart
    This one can easily go unnoticed but deserves a high ranking. There's not a part of this song that I don't like.
  4. Gone
    Dark verse meets big pop chorus.
  5. Walk Away
    Lighter verse meets another big pop chorus.
  6. You Found Me
    I debated putting this song at #2. Mainly because I distinctly remember coming home after school in 8th grade, laying on my floor, and listening to this on repeat loudly. I feel like sometimes I would cry, which is so weird bc I don't even think this is a sad song. It's maybe even intended to be positive? Or maybe it was a negative turned positive? Whatever it was, I felt it.
  7. Breakaway
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    I didn't cry on the floor to this one, but if it ever came on in the car I would look out the window and sing along like the girl in the music video. And sometimes cry.
  8. Behind These Hazel Eyes
    I don't not like this song, just never was a favorite.
  9. Because Of You
    Apparently she wrote this one when she was 16. Probably the realest lyrics on the album.
  10. I Hate Myself For Losing You
    Very 90's chorus
  11. Hear Me
    Feels Evanessence to me.
  12. Addicted
    Same as 11. And sure enough was written by the guys from Evanessence.