My husband may not be this person at all, but based on my previous relationships these are for sure some of the things I'd like for him to have ((:
  1. He is a smart cookie
    You don't have to have a degree, but lord have mercy we could hold down one hell of an intellectual conversation
  2. He is obsessed with his family
    You could be a momma's boy or whatever, as long as your down for your family & they're a huge part of your life
  3. He likes sports & is athletic af!
    And every sport at that, because I'm game for every sporting event there is, so he should be to, damnit! And he better be competitive!
  4. He has goals
    I don't need someone who doesn't know what he wants, but as long as you aspire to do something and are on the track to meet those goals - I'm down!
  5. He's hilarious
    I'm hilarious, therefore you need to also be hilarious. But I laugh at everything, so no pressure!
  6. He likes big dogs
    Preferably huskies, and if he's a big fan of the Lion King and is down to name one of our dogs Kovu
  7. He has olive skin with light eyes
    Self-explanatory, I'm a sucker for that perfect skin tone with those light eyes!!
  8. He's clean & organized!
    Gosh don't make me pick up all your messes, I have OCD like a crazy person so imma need you to be a smidge on the tightier side of things
  9. He is like 6'2
    Or whatever, as long as your taller than me that's cool! I like to wear heals though, so 6'2 would be a solid height
  10. He likes movies and concerts
    I suck at watching movies on my own time, so please take me to them ((: and I always have concert tickets, so hopefully you like music!
  11. He has a great head of hair
    My hair is my life, so just looking out for the kids hopefully you got some good ass hair too!
  12. He's a sweetheart!
    Literally holds doors for people, tips waiters, says thank you, sends flowers just because . . ((:
  13. He can cook like a boss
    I cannot cook at all, so as long as you can then we will survive!
  14. He always has my back!
    I don't care what situation we are in, you better be in my corner cause God forbid I will take your side until death do us part
  15. He's the best kisser ever!
    And you know everything else included ;)
  16. He is a loyal ass mother fker!!
    This is probably the number one! You could be missing all the above, but if I'm down for you and only you, then the least you can do is return the favor! Cheating sucks!
  17. And he's my best friend!
    He knows all my food orders, he's down to do whatever with me, we got hella inside jokes and could talk forever!