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Body positive Lexy right now
  1. Smooth skin on most parts
  2. Have lived a really good life in it so far
  3. Flexible
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  1. Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope
  2. Diane Keaton
  3. Audrey Hepburn
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  1. Seabiscuit - Laura Hillenbrand
    It's unlikely that I would've ever read this had a good friend & ex-eng teacher hadnt mailed it to me a couple years ago while she was out of state caring for her sick dad. She said the last weeks her father lived he read and re-read this book; I've been able to treasure the storytelling over and over too.
  2. The Catcher in the Rye -J.D. Salinger
    I guess kinda typical in a way but I don't think I'll ever out grow that mental model that makes me feel the need to check myself and my habits. Holden helps me do that by reflecting almost every bad quality I have and annoying the f outta me while I read. He's selfish and he reminds me I need to not be.
  3. The Columnist -Jeffrey Frank
    Basically a novel that also serves as a counter example for me, and what I don't want to become. It's hilarious and truthful without any space for mercy for jerks in media.
  4. Why We Broke Up -Daniel Handler
    Sounds terrible; it isn't. This story simply let's me feel brave about recognizing people enter & exit. Quirky and not shallow. Also excellent art throughout.
  1. Christoph Niemann's graphic design work
  2. Ben and Jerry's chocolate brownie ice cream
  3. This tee shirt and it's designer, Rachel Antonoff
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A brief recollection of places I have left a dump in no particular order of preference or frequency.
  1. Saigon cafe, Corpus Christi
  2. Upstairs Harvin center, Del mar college campus
  3. My apartment, San Marcos
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The dates 18-21st of each month are hell for me and this is why
  1. Reevaluate my entire existence
  2. Cry while trying to enjoy pizza
  3. Run out of pizza restaurant to get fresh air
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Speaker Straus spoke Saturday at a one on one panel with Texas Tribune CEO Evan Smith without saying a whole lot.
  1. What kind of measures the state is taking to combat teen pregnancy and stds, how to improve this tool kit
  2. How the state could potentially improve the way we draw districts: registered voters vs. Elligible voters
  3. Other things I can't recall atm
  1. Dan Patrick
    Lt. Gov of TX
  2. Nancy frikkin Pelosi
    No intro needed
  3. Gwen Ifill
    PBS news anchor
  4. Many many more incredible journalists and politicians
  1. Ranch
  2. Marinara
  3. BBQ sauce
  4. Honey mustard