1. Listapp
  2. Timehop
    Shows you what you were taking pics of and doing on social media this day 1 year ago, 2 yrs ago, 3,4,5,6,7 etc
  3. Saucy
    Booze ddelivery.So fast.
  4. Uber (pool)
    Carpool uber- you can get around LA for sooo cheap- weho to downtown $5. (drops the mike)
  5. Uber (eats)
    Formerly uber fresh- a different meal everyday- usually the most popular dish at a good restaurant delivered to you for $3 flat rate no matter how much you order. Great for work.
  6. Wunderlist
    Shared list making for personal use that updates in real time. I share grocery lists with my husband and to do lists with my nanny- that kind of stuff.
  7. Clash of clans
    I'm up against 9 year Olds sometimes but I'm addicted.
  8. Threes
    Fun little casual game just try it
  9. Dropcam
    Hooks into my baby monitor and let's me check on my baby from anywhere with rewind capabilities
  10. Sonos
    Game changing- I can control all the speakers in my house from my phone and pulls in Spotify, beats, Pandora, npr, itunes
  11. Candy crush
    Yeah I still play.
  12. Eat24
    Food delivery
  13. Grubhub
    Food delivery
  14. Caviar (food delivery)
    Suggested by @TehraThorp
  15. Two dots (game!)
    Suggested by @TehraThorp