1. Man pants
    Non-jeans, non suit pants that aren't jeans. A man person can wear them in man situations where jeans aren't quite appropriate
  2. Man shoes
    Non-sneaker non-dress shoe footwear that a grownup man can wear with man pants
  3. Cash
    Because someone should have some for valet and emergencies
  4. Dress shirts
    If you are a grown-up male it's good to have some options beyond t-shirts
  5. Reliable transportation
    Really you need a car- unless you live in a handful of cities that are the exception. Your car should have seat belts and functioning doors and gas in it.
  6. A functional relationship with parents and siblings
  7. A back-up plan
  8. A suit that fits well
    And isn't crap. Custom suits are totally affordable, now.
    Suggested by @EricElkins