I have a 6 month old so the below only applies to what I've learned so far
  1. Get a cheap bag to cover your car seat and stroller
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    They have them on aamazon. It's super gross under the plane and you don't want to be cleaning it at the airport.
  2. Baby k'tan is the best wrap for travel (and in general in my opinion)
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    It's soft (can go right thru security), not at all complicated to tie, secure, comfortable while sitting down in tiny coach seat, and will fit mom and dad. It says it's good up to 35 lbs but I think at about 20 lbs is where we stopped using it in favor of the ergo for more support
  3. Pick a super cute plane outfit so people hate you less
  4. Your days of carry-on only are over
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    You are going to have to check bags so get over ithe. This is what 2 days away looks like and this is before I needed toys
  5. You can gate check stroller and car seat must be under 20lbs each to gate check. Take off extra padding to get under weight limit
  6. Airlines don't cover damage to strollers so fly with a cheap one
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    Unless you are married to @johnnyartpants (aand I'm fairly certain you aren't, it's impossible to get reimbursed if they f up your stroller. We got a snap and go for travel. Keep the fancy one at home
  7. Make sure you have 1 whole days worth of baby stuff in your carry-on bags
    You might get delayed or stuck on the tarmac or they might loose your bag (all of the above has happened to me) and you do not want to be out of diapers or formula especially when you arrive late in a new place . For me that's 10 diapers, and 3 outfits.
  8. Get a couple Mixies if you are on formula
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    These are an incredible feat of engineering. These keep the formula and the water separate so you aren't on the clock. You can't go thru security with water so fill up after- either buy a water bottle or ask the flight attendant to fill you up as soon as you get on the plane
  9. Travel with a little bit of formula even if you are breast feeding
    Just in case... maybe your boobs don't work or you get separated from your partner. It's good to have back up
  10. A lot of airports have a family line to go thru security with really short lines
  11. Get PRE check or Global Entry
    It's so worth it. Just do it. I wish I did global entry but even PRE check is amazing. It took 15 minutes at LAX. No line, nobody else was there. No appointment necessary. Do you really want to be taking your shoes on and off while carrying a baby. No you don't. Get PRE.
  12. Feed the baby on the way up and the way down to help her ears
    But if you have to pick between waking her up to feed or letting her sleep- choose sleep.
  13. Make sure the plane outfit is warm even if you are going to a hot climate. Planes are cold
  14. Use an antibacterial wipe to wipe down the tray table, seat back, window, or anything the baby might touch
  15. Book seats in the back of the plane- window and aisle and pray no one sits between you
  16. Bring extra earplugs (the cheap disposable kind) to offer the passengers near you.
    No one will take them since everyone brings their own headphones these days, but it's a thoughtful gesture that will endear you to your neighbors. Buys you at least an extra half hour of good will.
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants
  17. Gripe water
    Otherwise known as liquid silence. Apparently doesn't work on all babies but if it works on yours, you absolutely need it for the flight. A couple drops in her mouth followed by a pacifier and you can stop a crying fit in its tracks.
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants
  18. For a toddler: serve your toddler juice or water by bringing a "reuse or toss" cup with lid and straw so that neighbors, your toddler and you aren't soaked by his/her inevitable bumping it off the tray table.
    This list lines up with our article! 🙌 Props! 💯💯💯 How to Travel by Plane with an Infant or Toddler www.wikihow.com/Travel-by-Plane-with-an-Infant-or-Toddler
    Suggested by @wikiHow