Not sure if this only happens in the bargain shopping world, but I feel like a good chunk of my time is spent in an exhausting, fruitless cycle of dressing and undressing under florescent lights.
  1. TJ Maxx
    Although I've given them a few years of my life wading through irregular garments and random stains, it's worth the occasional win of finding $60 jbrands. Also worth noting that the fitting room lighting is is top notch, so if you bring your tweezers and still walk out empty-handed, it isn't a total wash.
  2. Nordstrom Rack
    More high quality pieces + a higher price = battling with myself in the checkout line over whether or not I REALLY need this.
  3. Target
    Go in for toothpaste, find 25 cute dresses to try on, wonder who Target hires as their fit models, leave while forgetting toothpaste.
  4. Forever 21
    I rarely step foot in here because I don't take Adderall anymore, but when I do it's an adventure full of panic & rage. I always forget that my size medium is not a Forever 21 medium, therefor nothing makes it over my head or past my knees.
  5. Bloomingdales
    I usually just stop in here to use the bathrooms and get sidetracked by a 10% off sale rack. After I try on and fall in love with a few things, I realize 10% is a sham of a discount so I use the ladies lounge and leave.
  6. Lululemon
    It's complicated.