Sticking to the original 150, I'm assigning a Pokemon to the people in my life
  1. Sam S. - Eevee - girls think he is cute and seasoned players know his true potential
  2. @LevNovak - Psyduck - once he gets past sickness-inducing anxiety, he befuddles opponents and evolves into a respectable part of your line-up
  3. Suyu - Charmeleon - can't afford to drop him from your roster, but you wish he would stop copping an attitude for no reason
  4. @alden Butterfree - not much of a battler, definitely more inclined to make people feel happy when they look at him
  5. @bjnovak - Misty - Because Lev is Psyduck
  6. @sstanie - Lapras - deceptively strong, and often puts the team on his back
  7. Seth - Zubat - Zubat used "Leech Life"
  8. @lgnctn - Onix - Very hardheaded, and is guaranteed to get himself into a bind.
  9. Andrew "The Duke" - Gloom - Andrew, I think you are drunk
  10. Suyu (alternate) - Hitmonlee - Often angry, and only has one move
  11. Peter - Abra - being seen makes him very anxious, and he really wants to leave the party
  12. Russell - Magnemite - always watching, but doesn't say much
  13. Fred - Meowth - funnier than the rest of us, no sincere objection to evil, and very rich
  14. @SeanHirata - Wartortle - he doesn't take Suyu very seriously
  15. Tabias - Magmar - Wants to be seen, and is very thirsty
  16. Jacob - Missingno - Where is he? Also, he will fuck up your game.