What small actions can I take to build toward a more enjoyable 2016?
  1. Practice baking bread
    I received a wonderful cookbook for Christmas, pictured here. I love the idea of perfecting the steps to make a few different loaves. I also think baking requires patience and precision, which are a couple traits I know I could practice more actively. The steps are a little intimidating because making a leaven, or a starter, require careful attention and feeding a culture over a couple days, but I gotta master that first step to make any bread. On the upside, mess-ups can be tasty.
  2. Frame this print
    I purchased this last year in New Orleans at an art fair in the Marigny or Treme. I can't totally recall. I have had it standing on a shelf for some time, but think it deserves its own frame finally. It's macabre, but mostly whimsical.
  3. Read more books
    I have some wonderful books on my shelf that I have to finish (or start.) These are only a few of the titles I have waiting for me. I wish there was a way to blend audiobooks, a Kindle, and the paper text all together. Alas, I could just play less Xbox and stop banking on a new invention!
  4. Subscribe to The New Yorker
    When I was traveling to Atlanta for work most weeks, I always grabbed the New Yorker before my Monday morning flight. I learned a lot and was always thankful for their features. I value print journalism. I feel more knowledgeable when I read the magazine -- might as well put my money where my brain is! Btw: this article (which is from the issue in the photo) is amazing! It's about CRISPR cells, which might cure tons of diseases
  5. Cook more often, take notes on experiments, and use my cookbooks
    I have some great cookbooks. Pok Pok -- which is tough to use because of its commitment to the Thai dishes that inspired it -- is a visual marvel. Moro is far more practical, and I love that it blends MENA and Spanish food. Cooking makes me happy, and my dad just bought me a beautiful set of knives. I am unworthy, so they will spend some time in the packaging while I improve my knife skills to deserve these new blades!
  6. Travel to 4 new states and 1 new country
    .... But more would be cool, too. Early candidates: South Carolina, California (without my family, so a new experience,) Kentucky, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Maine, Canada, and Narnia.