Inspired by @kaitlynvella because obviously, she's dope.
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    January was weird, I felt really restless and unsettled, but I did go to Maine and take this picture, so that was cool.
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    February I tore it up. I did the equivalent of trading in all my Scrabble tiles because I deeply felt it would be better than sticking with the ones I had. This is from the morning after Valentine's Day, my friend and I bought each other flowers and a bottle of rosé each (which we finished). We drank them together and woke up super hungover and proud of ourselves.
  3. MARCH
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    I don't really remember March, I do remember wandering around a lot and feeling potential energy building and building. This is some woods near my house.
  4. APRIL
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    April was the dopest. I got a new job, I found the best little apartment, and @LevNovak and I celebrated with pie and whiskey late night.
  5. MAY
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    I joined @list! Probably one of the best things to happen to me in 2015 (sorry, Lev).
  6. JUNE
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    June I also don't remember most of. I went to the beach, my sister graduated from high school, I ate donuts.
  7. JULY
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    This was me all July.
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    More summer stuff, went and visited my friend in Brooklyn; had a beautiful and boozy 72 hours.
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    I turned 24, y'all! I bought myself this stole and then Lev took me out for a fancy dinner. Best birthday ever!
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    Roadtripped to Maine with my mom, had the best day trip to Salem (got a spell), and was just generally spooky. ✨
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    Went to LA for the first time and wasn't sorry about it. Ate so much good food, hung out with the dopest people, went to LACMA and drank peach lemonade. Also got to visit List HQ which was just okay (kidding, it ruled).
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    I make the best latkes.
  13. 2015 felt like a year of answers. I feel exhausted but proud. Thank you all for being a reliable source of joy and hope. I love you 🍾✨