I'm very good at emojis. These are my favorites.
  1. Hands down favorite. Meaning excitement, awe, or magic. It can stand by itself or be used to enhance emojis around it. For example, ✨😮✨, ✨⛵️✨, ✨🍦✨, etc.
  2. 📈
    A good way to prove a point. "Just look at the data!"
  3. 🚀
    I love space.
  4. 🐝🍁 (singular) 🐝🍂 (plural)
    "Dammit, Morpheus. Not everyone 🐝🍂 what you 🐝🍁!"
  5. 😬
    Apparently this one is a grimace, but I've always seen and used it as an ear-to-ear doofus grin.
  6. 🎈
    A good emoji to give to somebody having a bad day.
  7. 👻
    Crew love #ghostguild.
  8. 🍩
    Can be used as an apology or to let someone know donuts are happening. Either way it's a good situation.
  9. 🆒
    When used appropriately this one really packs a punch.
  10. ✨ 🚀 🌝
    🌎 ✨