(Top 10 can also be read as a THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR)
  1. Shrimp Russian
    I have made this pink sauce for 20 years and never has my curiosity been piqued.
  2. Chopped liver
    I have avoided this since I was a child, but everyone else loves it.
  3. Cheese and crackers
  4. Broccoli
    My aunt makes it. It's not great.
  5. Carrots
  6. Sweet potatoes
    I'm in it for the marshmallows.
  7. Chestnut stuffing
  8. Matzah stuffing
    Good, but also ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.
  9. Flan
    I'm glad it's there, I won't cry if it's not.
  10. Apple pie
  11. Biscuits
    Oh, hello.
  12. Brussels sprouts
    This is my first time making them, but I think they're gonna be dope.
  13. Burnt sugar ice cream
    From Lizzy's in Waltham. If you're local you know that's what's up.
  14. Cranberry sauce
    We are very cute and serve it in scooped-out orange halves.
  15. Chocolate turkeys
    Everyone gets one on their plate. The rule used to be that kids got big standing ones, and adults got flat little lame ones. Thanks to the hard work of my older cousins big turkeys are now passed out to people 36 and younger.
  16. Whipped cream
    My Gagi (grandmother) insists on this being made from scratch, but the return on investment of labor is VERY high. It's delicious and I kind of worked out.
  17. Knishes
    From the Butcherie, omfg. I volunteer to pass out hours d'oeuvres so I can have easier access to these.
  18. Stuffed mushrooms
    Stuffed with sausage and sesame seeds 🎉. Same strategy used for knishes applies here.
  19. The roughly three glasses of wine I will drink
    After a long day of cooking these are clutch.
  20. Pumpkin pie
    Our recipe calls for eggnog 😚👌.
  21. Turkey
    So rarely does a classic live up to the hype.
  22. Mashed potatoes
    My mom's mashed potatoes are what potatoes pray all their lives to become.
  23. Chocolate bourbon pecan pie
    My favorite dessert. There are two of these put out for everyone, and a secret one my Gagi hides for me to take home 😛!
  24. ✨🙌🏆 Pumpkin soup 🏆🙌✨
    A secret family recipe. Words cannot do it justice. I'll make it for you some time and only then will you understand.