Thank you (& @josie & @julialongaker) for the request! I have skin that is oily, dry, and breaks out constantly. Also I'm πŸ‘»-pale so hyperpigmentation is a thing (πŸŽ‰πŸ™„πŸŽ‰). This routine has made my skin feel smoother, clearer, brighter, and (what I find the biggest change) more predictable. I didn't write the book on skincare, but I have some notes.
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    Treat your skin like you love it.
    This is, I swear to god, the best advice I've ever gotten. It can feel like you're in a battle against your skin, and you get in this mindset that you will force it to bend to your will with treatments that will kick it's ass, squeezing and picking and poking it, and just generally bullying it. Stop. You and your skin are on the same team. It loves you and it's having a hard time. Tend to it. Be gentle. Meet it softly at the end of the day. It's trying to keep you safe.
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    Do what you can to keep nasty stuff away from your face.
    Use headphones when you're talking on the phone. Try to not absentmindedly touch your face. Take your makeup off. Your skin is doing its best, you can do your part by not putting your iDroppedThisOnTheBathroomFloor 5S all up on it.
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    Micellar water
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    You know how some magicians try to impress you with dangerous tricks and pyrotechnic shows? I feel like cleansers are that way. They burn and tingle and scrub to make you think they're doing something BIG, but usually they're just hurting your skin. It's like David Blaine being in charge of your face. Micellar water is not David Blaine. Put it on a cotton pad and rub it on your face twice a day. It takes off your makeup, and any other residual crud, and leaves your face feeling freshhhhh.
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    Glossier priming moisturizer
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    This stuff is everything I was looking for in a morning moisturizer. It's light, absorbs super quickly with no oily residue, and it sits really nicely under my makeup. I've noticed improvement in my skin since I've been using it, less flakiness and excessive oil. All good in my book πŸ‘Œ
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    Garnier night cream
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    Holy moly. The first night I used this, I woke up and could not stop touching my face. Also it smells like a god damn dream. A recommendation from the skin queen of ListApp @dena. Long may she reign.
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    Kiehl's creamy eye treatment with avocado
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    This is the newest addition to my routine, I've been using a little in the morning right when I wake up and more at night, lightly patting it in with the tip of my ring finger under my eyes. It's been about two weeks and I'm seeing the corpse circles under my eyes actually starting to fade. BYE πŸ‘‹
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    Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate
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    I had a bunch of little sample bottles of this lying around and never gave them a thought. What a fool I was. A few drops before bed (before I put on the night cream) and my skin feels like silk in the morning. Also smells like a dream. Will be getting a big girl bottle pronto.
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    Wash your brushes!
    Even if your skin is looking ✨GOOD✨ most of us still need a BB cream, maybe some light foundation or concealer. Use brushes. Wash them once a week.
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    Other stuff I dig:
    Oil cleansing, drinking water and getting loads of sleep, Mario Badescu drying lotion (it hurts like hell on an open zit, but it gets the job done), egg whites (whip one up and put it on your face, leave it till it's dry, then wash it off with warm water. Actual magic), rosehip oil, BiorΓ© charcoal pore strips (I know they aren't great for you, but once in a while they're SO satisfying).
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