I'm no expert, but I can tell you that if you use this method there is a good chance that outside a pizza place at 1 in the morning someone will ask you if you're Parisian. *also @SamShorey today someone asked me where I get my eyeliner so know that I'm giving you my best here.
  1. You'll need: liquid eyeliner (I use this, it has a felt tip like a marker which makes applying v easy, the liquid isn't too thick which makes it forgiving, it's waterproof so it stays on, and it's like $8), tissues (for mess ups, there will be some), patience, and enough time (this isn't something you want to rush or be stressed during).
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  2. Brush in hand, put the butt of your hand against your face. It keeps your hand steady and limits your range of motion so you don't wander into Kat Von D territory (there's nothing wrong with that look, but it's not what we're going for right now).
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  3. In quick, small strokes, make a straight line from the corner of your eye outwards and slightly upwards. The angle and length are up to you, it'll depend on your eye and eyelid shape. Make the line and then check yourself from a few angles.
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  4. Once you like the line, leave it alone. Commit. Stop touching it.
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  5. Then go to the middle-ish of your eye, and in small strokes make a line that gradually lifts off from your eye, and leave it hanging in space. I'll usually do a few dots next to each other and smudge them outward to make sure this line doesn't go 0 to 💯 too quick.
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  6. Go back to your outer line, and from the farthest point, start to bring it back to your eye, also a straight line. Your wing should look like a triangle.
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  7. Now, connect the wing to the line from the middle of your eye. Small strokes are your friend.
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  8. Once they're connected, shape it how you like. Take a moment to check what it looks like with your eyes wide open, kind of shut, from the side, whatever. Add thickness where it's needed, use tissues to erase where you flew too high.
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  9. Essentially you want a wing with a point sharp enough to kill a man that looks like it connects to your eye in one smooth flick.
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  10. And ta-dah! You have one dopely lined eye.
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  11. Now, mimicking the perfection you made on one side onto the other is where most people start to freak. If you're happy with the first wing, leave it alone and let it be your guide. The worst thing you can do is doubt the first wing.
  12. Do the same process on the other eye, but between each step check it against the first one. Are the lines the same or similar length? Are they going in more or less the same direction? Are they connecting to the same points on both eyes? Are the lines of basically equal thickness? Yeah? Then you're golden!
  13. You did it! Now just clean up any stray liner smudges and fill in where it looks too thin (I always forget to fill in close enough to my lash line).
  14. Now, go off into the world, your eyeliner looks 💯.
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