1. Kyle MacLachlan
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    👍, indeed.
  2. Dick Van Dyke
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    The first time I saw Mary Poppins was quite an experience.
  3. Drake
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    Run through the 6ix with me, instead.
  4. Alan Ruck
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    Cameron Frye, you're my hero.
  5. Jason Momoa
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  6. Adrien Brody
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  7. Ezra Koenig
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    Let's spend a Vampire Eternity together.
  8. Harry Potter (not Daniel Radcliffe)
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    Reachin' for my booty like.
  9. Marlon Brando
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    He could Kowal-skii over my body like it's Aspen.
  10. Beyoncé
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    Also duh.