I don't know if I know a lot about fashion, but I definitely know a lot about what I like.
  1. Megan Draper
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    When I saw Mad Men it all totally clicked for me, especially once Megan arrived. The costumes in the show are incredible, but Megan's are my favorite (her wardrobe was pulled from fashion magazines and general pop culture of the moment. A portrait of what an it-girl would wear in the sixties). What I learned: fashion has been in decline since 1968.
  2. Zooey Deschanel
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    My first, my deepest, my truest. I completely credit my return to bangs to her. It can be hard to be girly, it's easier to blend in or be taken seriously if you act like "feminine things" like fashion are stupid and beneath you. Her style and general kickass way of life made me feel like I could stand behind the girly things that I, a smart, strong, adult woman, love. What I learned: pretty is not an abdication of power (and don't grow out your bangs).
  3. Amal Clooney
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    Seeing pictures of her in that white suit and sunhat moment, I knew she got it. She always looks put-together without ever looking stuffy or (God forbid) preppy. What I learned: there is a tasteful way to wear a crop top to almost any occasion.
  4. Anna Karina, Jean Shrimpton, Jane Birkin, Sharon Tate, Twiggy, et al.
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    Ughhhhhhhhhhh. These chicks. This is what I'm going for every time I do my makeup. What I learned: there is a non-Jersey Shore way to wear black eyeliner and nude lipstick.
  5. Basically if you're a brunette with bangs from the 60's I like your vibe.