Unranked, so far.
  1. My sister once said, "I feel like having you as an older sister has really helped me. When I'm trying to think of the cool thing to do, I think about what you would do."
    She added, "and then I do the opposite," but that's not the point.
  2. I skipped first grade because on my first day the teacher asked us to copy a sentence off the chalkboard into our notebooks, but I thought it was boring so I added some descriptors and light plot. They rushed me off to second grade.
    "The dog sat on the couch" to "The black dog waited patiently on the couch for the girl to come home." #prodigy
  3. When I was a waitress I served a table of four dudes. On the back of the check they drew a diagram of the table where they each sat, wrote all of their phone numbers and a note that said, "Take your pick."
    They were also polite, neat, and didn't assume their numbers were tip enough. In this moment I was proud of the world.
  4. Finishing my honors thesis.
    It was a lot of work, I came close to giving up on it, but I'm really glad I didn't.
  5. Any time I go out for food with somebody and what I order is significantly better.
    I'll offer you some of mine, I won't point it out or gloat, but just know I'm thinking it.