Part of a great trip to Cape Cod with @LevNovak
  1. Vicky Simmons, Carmen, Kathy, Midge, Chandler, Clinton #squadgoals
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  2. Those suits!
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  3. The back reads, "This is Fred and Bertha, but it is not very good of either she is nicer than she is in this picture I think although it's not bad. It was taken out around Euclid Beach somewhere."
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  4. I love the light in this one.
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  5. The design on the edge and her face.
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  6. "The Approach. Pan-American. 1901."
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  7. 💐
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  8. "Mrs. DuPaul and her pet Boo-Woo. August, 1924."
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  9. "Hey, take our picture in front of this big old plant!"
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