These aren't even all-time favorites, they're just songs and moments in them that do something to me.
  1. That's My Bitch - Kanye West & JAY Z
    (1:44) Bon Iver's unintelligible feature makes me reach for my smelling salts.
  2. What Do You Mean? - Justin Bieber
    This entire song makes me want to fall over sideways onto a velvet chaise lounge.
  3. Flesh without Blood - Grimes
    It gives me the damn vapors.
  4. Poetic Justice - Kendrick Lamar ft. Drake
    (2:24) Drake's whole verse, but particularly his "OOH" here brings my wrist to my forehead.
  5. Drove Me Wild - Tegan and Sara
    It's not scarlet fever, it's just this song.
  6. Start Over - Beyoncé
    (1:40) "And maybe you'll settle, well I WOOOOOON'T!" Someone loosen my corset, I'm going down.
  7. Cheerleader - OMI
    Whoops, I'm hysterical.