1. My face
    I've recently been going in on skin care products. I went from only moisturizing to using night creams, eye treatments, serums, and new cleansers. My face looks like an orb of light. I've had shitty skin for most of my life so this feels incredible and has me really feeling myself 💅
  2. My dude
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    I love him. He's the best.
  3. My freedom
    I bought a plane ticket yesterday, and I was thinking about where I was at this time last year. I felt trapped, helpless, and alone. Even now I find myself looking around nervously, like I'm kind of unable to believe that I got away from those feelings, but I did and I'm really proud of that.
  4. This time of year
    Summer into fall into early winter renews my soul.
  5. The cookies waiting for me at work
    We had a cookie bake off yesterday and everyone took a bucket of cookies home. I saved mine to eat with my coffee this morning. Here I come, little guys!