1. Got dressed while listening to the song Cheerleader (Remix).
    If you haven't heard this song yet, do it. Do it and be transformed.
  2. Sat between two older ladies on the train.
    Somehow this felt comforting.
  3. Caught one of them reading this over my shoulder.
    I hope she didn't see that I described her as older, but also let's call a spade a spade, toots.
  4. Found the most beautiful blueberry.
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    In my box of blueberries, not on the floor or something.
  5. Wrote a post about Sarah Jessica Parker's new wedding shoe line.
    Questioned my purpose in life.
  6. Made a work friend!
    I think! We exchanged numbers and sent joking emails! I'm about 85% sure we're friends!
  7. Had two separate people recommend depressing-sounding documentaries to me.
    I think I'll watch one while I do my laundry tonight.
  8. Stayed extra late at work.
    My boss and I actually had fun doing this, and I liked it because it's a lot easier for me to think without emails and cubicle-visitors popping up every minute. Also the production team had leftover cupcakes from their meeting 👍
  9. Called my Grampy back.
    He left me a voicemail asking if I was kicking ass and taking names. Couldn't leave him hanging.
  10. Watched one depressing documentary and did my laundry.
  11. 😴