What does your handwriting look like?
  1. β€’
    Here's mine:
    63987dfb e80b 4f11 b5dc 49ead7e1a00a
  2. β€’
    Here's mine:
    78a8e307 d49b 4467 87a9 b484295037da
    Suggested by @bjnovak
  3. β€’
    59c55d12 3b24 4ecc 9a90 866557ff8737
    Suggested by @HeatherQuinn
  4. β€’
    Ca5acd6a c820 4ef4 a347 3e0722f23f48
    Suggested by @megan
  5. β€’
    Love this list. Love handwriting. Also: http://bit.ly/1HuhFmx. Here's mine:
    D6e8a876 0be7 4e83 a061 fd80352450ef
    Suggested by @brookielyons
  6. β€’
    Here's my crappy Arabic translation
    Dcfada98 ad86 4c6f 9d2d 5203c67032e8
    This was a nice break from verb conjugations. There's definitely some errors.
    Suggested by @rebeccaroanoke
  7. β€’
    MINE! ^__^
    E303bdee cccd 44b0 a7b7 1d5e27a94263
    Suggested by @janetanne
  8. β€’
    Here's mine...
    2f12103a b5a5 4be5 9072 5e656356da68
    Suggested by @alien
  9. β€’
    Lunchbox note
    8056eab6 a4b0 4943 b9ba f8010ffd0bad
    Suggested by @EricElkins
  10. β€’
    48edc3e7 12a5 4126 bd86 6ae6efafc68a
    Suggested by @LevNovak
  11. β€’
    Me! (& a bottle of wine)
    03877177 2610 4c7f 884b 4075f8e2e9a6
    Suggested by @originalamericantrt
  12. β€’
    I don't even know you but this list made my day
    D64c635a db18 4a61 b529 7294e59246db
    Suggested by @jonathon
  13. β€’
    This isn't an official sample but BJ got to use his book cover so....
    1a866cb7 dd2d 436b 8129 55525a52c931
    Suggested by @SamShorey
  14. β€’
    Love this list! Here's mine.
    90f78f5d 217f 462e 865c 9582e8a99999
    Please don't steal my identity.
    Suggested by @Nicholas
  15. β€’
    Here is mine in SΓΌtterlin (Old German handwriting)
    732e5adc c070 482a bd87 c39710a61c25
    Suggested by @Elisabeth
  16. β€’
    788d98af 2d3a 48c2 8872 d18f28acd5c2
    Suggested by @estone
  17. β€’
    how mine looks today
    5999daed 76d3 4ba1 a340 edc689cf41d0
    Suggested by @hermionegranger
  18. β€’
    My Rs never look the same. Good luck reading me πŸ˜‰
    B9c3f213 a30c 4625 bceb 1ca63d5acce6
    Suggested by @Lisa_Fav
  19. β€’
    Here's mine! Please excuse the Valentine's Day notepad.
    58170cc9 8bf7 4326 ab9d c26070a0042a
    Suggested by @evak
  20. β€’
    Hey I love this idea! Here's mine:
    638d5218 7192 4289 ae81 b57149faa98a
    Suggested by @xtineengels
  21. β€’
    Great list! This is my chicken scratch
    5b7a28a0 30b0 4d35 a072 9b3d39cc9391
    Suggested by @madithelma
  22. β€’
    Here's mine!
    E4d4088a 88d3 453f 9583 2c3b41c4312e
    Suggested by @allysonarno
  23. β€’
    My handwriting!
    08c350a5 fbe7 4620 af54 7349e0b41a86
    Suggested by @nantea
  24. β€’
    Mine (today)
    4854d723 59e6 45e8 8c2a 3ef56b4ed6ab
    Suggested by @k8mcgarry
  25. β€’
    Memorizing speech
    67022358 83fd 4889 8ca9 3b3d68c7c813
    Suggested by @CatherineMurdoch
  26. β€’
    Here's mine. In a red pen, because I'm an editor. :)
    5357b6fb 4751 4b85 9d18 4f3a87c62e45
    Suggested by @edhyndman
  27. β€’
    out here breaking the stereotype that all leftys have terrible writing
    E12666b5 a09b 44e5 920e f2a85163c1b8
    Suggested by @treezus
  28. β€’
    Here's mine
    47fd846f 9ed9 4683 bd96 00c43e6dbc85
    Suggested by @shanaz
  29. β€’
    Here's mine! :)
    9a33b4bd fc05 4288 b818 1b211b64f22c
    Suggested by @charlottery
  30. β€’
    Here's mine.
    184a5878 ca1d 4a96 82d8 76fde8bbb7b6
    Suggested by @bethanypark
  31. β€’
    Here's mine 😊
    16443501 357d 467f 9f81 4d3f77c0fa00
    Suggested by @jpbateson
  32. β€’
    here's mine
    Bcaaad0b f730 4657 80bc b006822cead6
    signs I wrote for @linz904's wedding!
    Suggested by @boygirlparty
  33. β€’
    E8d07269 2e11 4d3e 8c3e 3291a72be3a7
    Suggested by @kaitlynvella
  34. β€’
    I totally forgot that the fox was red and the dog was brown.
    07a4380b ba4a 42d8 800d af8cfac21dfb
    Suggested by @classicalexa
  35. β€’
    60e54d1a 2879 4dd4 998b fe625d517d53
    Suggested by @valentine