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My sister is not a planner. She has little common sense although she is a veterinarian. I knew the trip was going to be sketchy so I said no. Glad I did. Here is what happened....
  1. Her plan was very loose. A place to stay in Maryland and that was it
  2. She got separated from the other woman that went with her. They didn't find each other for hours. Too many people. She started to panic
  3. She didn't dress for the weather and wore poor shoes for standing for 6 hours. Her feet were killing her.
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  1. Watching the leaves turn and seeing that beautiful shade of orange.
  2. Waking up to the first frost.
  3. Picking out the best pumpkin from the patch.
10 more...
  1. Sort clothes on your bed and tell your dog you are putting laundry away.
  2. Don't let them see the 3oz bottles in the bathroom.
  3. Sneak their dog food, bed and kennel out the back door with diversionary tactics.
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The drama of going to junior prom
  1. Last minute group changes because of drama
  2. Omg my spanx isn't going to fit
  3. The corsage fell apart- glue gun to the rescue
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