My sister is not a planner. She has little common sense although she is a veterinarian. I knew the trip was going to be sketchy so I said no. Glad I did. Here is what happened....
  1. Her plan was very loose. A place to stay in Maryland and that was it
  2. She got separated from the other woman that went with her. They didn't find each other for hours. Too many people. She started to panic
  3. She didn't dress for the weather and wore poor shoes for standing for 6 hours. Her feet were killing her.
  4. When she got separated there was no cell phone service and she almost couldn't connect with her other friend, they caught up by texting after many hours.
  5. She didn't know how the metro worked and was amazed at the crowds
  6. She didn't bring any food or water. Only ate a bagel in the am. Didn't want to carry anything. Thankfully a volunteer gave her a bottle water. That was it for the day.
  7. The one bathroom break they took lasted 3 hours because it was hard to find one.
  8. The never really marched anywhere because it was so packed. The got off the metro and just stood for 5 hours. So is it called a "standing protest"?
  9. She lost $160.00 that she had tucked in her bra for bail money in case she got arrested or mugged. Hopefully one of homeless people found it!
  10. Her friend did get her one of the cute pink hats. Can't wait to see the pictures.
  11. Momma's intuition was right. Although it was memory making, I kept my daughter safe. Maybe next time! Not!