This happens on the daily but here are a few standouts @shavertz
  1. Celebrating the Golden Gate Bridge's 75th Anniversary
    We had been dating officially for a month or so. It was freezing and super windy outside but the amazing fireworks, San Francisco themed music, and the snuggles were all very magical. We spoke in awful British accents all night and capped the night off with Bob's Donuts. I can't wait to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of our dearest red bridge.
  2. The Third Ankle Surgery
    When I first met Scott, his right foot was in one of those huge boot things. After a million trips to the doctor and two days before Thanksgiving, Scott was going under the knife. I had never been an emergency contact for ANYONE ever so this seemed pretty serious. Scott got drugged up and as he was getting wheeled off to the operating room declared his undying love for me. It was honest and tender and who doesn't like a drug induced confession of love?!
  3. When I caught Scott eating a chocolate beignet in the bathroom
    We were on strict diets right before the wedding. No carbs. No sweets. No nothing. When I opened the door and found him here I nearly peed my pants laughing.
  4. This text message I got in the middle of church one Sunday
  5. This time we went off roading and Scott wanted to take model pictures before
    Seriously, look at that pose.
  6. Stopping at a fish market in Istanbul
    If we ever travel ANYWHERE outside of the city Scott always love to go to the local fish market. He loves fish and knows everything about each of them. At this particular market, there was some crazy fish he didn't recognize and was asking the old Turkish man a bunch of questions he didn't understand. I love watching his curiosity shine in these moments.
  7. Eating Dinner at Alinea
    I planned a whole surprise trip to Chicago because I wanted to eat at this restaurant. Scott was super mad when I originally told him about the trip since he hates surprises more than anything. This dinner totally won him over. It was so fun eating this exciting, beautiful, and straight tasty meal together and having a totally once in a lifetime experience.