I am passive aggressively open to disagreement
  1. The Office—"Stress Relief Pt. 1"
    The opening for this episode is the best in the series, not forgetting any of the characters in how they react to the "fire." The episode just keeps on delivering throughout Dwight's mishaps. Favorite moment: when Michael starts singing "I will Survive" instead of "Stayin' Alive" while learning CPR. Only con- No @bjnovak in this episode.
  2. Sherlock— "The Reichenbach Fall"
    This one is obvious. Perfectly paced and leaving you on the edge of your seat throughout, this episode is flawless. Not only is the writing superb, but the acting is spectacular, especially Andrew Scott's turn as James Moriarty. Favorite moment: John's tear inducing plea at Sherlock's grave.
  3. Community— "Remedial Chaos Theory"
    This episode is one of the smartest I've seen on television. The structure and the different way things unfold are extremely well done. Favorite moment: When Troy walks back in to see all the destruction.
  4. House, MD— "Three Stories"
    The episode that goes back into House's injury also happens to be the best of the series. The way it is structured and the even more superb portrayal of the damaged Dr. House by Hugh Laurie makes me go back to it again and again. Favorite moment: This line: "I know this goes against everything you've been taught, but right and wrong do exist. Just because you don't know the answer, maybe there is no way you could even know the answer doesn't mean what you say is right. It's just plain wrong."
  5. Parks and Rec— "The Comeback Kid"
    This episode has it all: Ben at full nerdiness, Leslie's campaign struggle, and Champion the dog. Favorite Moments: Ben's idea for a restaurant called "The Low Cal Calzone Zone" and the long attempt to reach the stage on the ice while Leslie's campaign song continuously plays over and over again
  6. Archer— "The Placebo Effect"
    When Archer learns his cancer medication is fake, he decides to go on a rampage. The jokes all land perfectly and the Archer/Lana dynamic is at its best. Favorite moment: When Archer entitles the film of his exploits "Terms of En-Rampage-ment"
  7. Friday Night Lights—"Leave No One Behind"
    The greatest Matt Saracen-focused episode. Zach Gilford's performance as Matt struggling with everyone in his life leaving him still makes me tear up, and Coach Taylor's response shows him to be a father figure for the best character on the show. Favorite moment: The shower scene where Matt breaks down.
  8. The Most Popular Girls in School— "Deandra's Arms"
    Like @joemurphy said, please watch this show. This episode is so great, from the insults between the cheerleaders and the van Burens to none of this being a part of Rachel Teisz's plan. Favorite moment: "Ashley. Katchadourian. You. Were supposed. To be watching. The door. ASHLEY KATCHADOURIAN.
  9. How I Met Your Mother— "Arrivederci, Fiero"
    This episode goes back to Marshall and Ted's college years and how they became friends on an ill-fated road trip. The format of flashbacks works best in this episode, especially showing Douchey College Ted. Favorite moment: 500 miles playing on repeat.
  10. Master of None— "Old People"
    This episode hit close to home, as I've been making an attempt to visit and become closer to my grandmother who has had dementia for a few years now. While this episode is thematically strong like the others in this series, it also hits some high notes with its comedy, showcasing both the greatness of Arnold and Aziz's love of pasta. Favorite moment: when Arnold begins to really love Paro.