1. Arithmancy
  2. Muggle Studies
    Hogwarts Muggle Studies textbooks are probably like 80 years old, and they'd be asking about popular culture that we already missed by almost a century. I definitely wouldn't study, thinking I'm hot shit and muggle born supreme and whatnot, and then I would definitely fail the class when it turns out to be just a bunch of tests on muggle radio shows during the 1940s.
  3. Divination
    I'm absolutely clueless about what could happen in the future. Also, I think when people talk about their dreams is super annoying, and I feel like this class is basically an hour of conversations like that every day
  4. Ancient Runes
    A class I would probably enjoy if all my other subjects were non-magical. But with everything else, magic symbols just don't seem the most captivating
  5. Flying
    I definitely say I'd be on the Hufflepuff Quidditch Team, but let's be honest: I definitely wouldn't be any good if it actually requires athleticism. I'd love it though.
  6. Defense Against the Dark Arts
    I'd find this class really fun and interesting, but ultimately it's just a major in criminal justice, and there's not much I can really do with what I'd be learning, except for a job as an Auror
  7. Transfiguration
    I'd probably get really frustrated that it wasn't easy even though I was technically doing everything right. I'd get better, but it would never pique my interest enough to warrant significant practice time.
  8. History of Magic
    Just memorizing random facts. Pretty boring under Professor Binns, but easy enough. I would get a good grade, but would never go above and beyond for the subject
  9. Charms
    This is easy yet useful memorization, people. I still remember every lyric to every person's song from my fourth grade plays. I got this. But really I'd want something a little more challenging and less mundane.
  10. Potions
    Literally chemistry, with some cooking skills as well. I'm right at home next to a cauldron, but it's not my passion
  11. Herbology
    MAGIC BOTANY. Wizard plant science. Could be used for medical purposes, so I'd actually be helping people with this knowledge. We are getting into the good stuff
  12. Care of Magical Creatures
    Ooooookk this is where it's at. This is the class. I would absolutely DESTROY in CoMC. I'd be riding Buckbeak on the first day, taking care of blast ended skrewts like it's nobody's business. Plus, I'd get to be around animals with MAGIC all day.