Inspired by @ShawnKelly and @joemurphy
  1. Because I had to read Harry Potter under my bed because my parents thought I had already read it "too many times"
    7 was not too many. 7 was symbolic
  2. Because I have three older sisters
  3. And they're probably all smarter than me
  4. Because I grew up in a privileged bubble
  5. Because my dad's blood pressure and pulse heighten around doctors due to some really bad experiences
  6. Because I love a good romantic comedy
  7. Because my sister's boyfriend (now fiancé!!) turned into one of my best friends
  8. Because I was a reader even when my friends made fun of me for it
  9. Because I was taught that being smart is the best and most important thing you can be
    Took awhile to get away from this
  10. Because I believe being funny is one of the best things you can be
  11. Because my friends are really good people
  12. Because I'm good at science but not at math
  13. Because I use humor in my public speaking to hide my nervousness
  14. Because it's too warm where I live
  15. Because I like puns, and I like telling puns to people who don't like puns