I have three older sisters and they all remember the mistakes I've made since I was four. Every single one of these will be brought up at a family gathering sometime in the next year, I guarantee it.
  1. I thought Persephone was pronounced "purse-phone"
  2. I thought Achilles was pronounced "uh-chills"
  3. I named my stuffed animal "Star Wars Sword"
    Not "Lightsaber". No, that would be absurd
  4. When my sister said she had been going out with her boyfriend for 24 months, I said, "24 months! That's almost a year!!"
    Her fault for identifying the age of her relationship as if it were a newborn baby
  5. When my older sister vaccumed my head and hair
    It was actually a Swiffer, but it hurt. Still not sure how this is my fault?!?
  6. For falling off when I was belly boarding on a skateboard
    Background: we went to the top of a big hill, got on our skateboards like penguins, and started down. I flipped off it and half my face had a scab on it for a week. Again, not sure how it's my fault?!?
  7. My "lackluster" lung capacity
    They played water polo, so I didn't stand a chance
  8. The first pilot episode of television I ever saw was Lost, so I thought every other show copied its first episode name from Lost
    The title fit because it was about a plane crash, ok? And what do planes have? Pilots.
  9. My class superlative was "best reader" in 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades
    They did not think this was as cool as I think it is