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Yo, coming to you live from my 2 hour layover in the emptiest airport on the planet
  1. Nowy Jork
    Lol Poland, do you even know how to spell?
  2. Vodka ads everywhere
  3. More duty free shops than food places
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  1. Denim Jacket
  2. Fedoras
  3. Long hair
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lol, finals are so great.
  1. Wake up after 8 am
  2. Marathon all of Game of Thrones
  3. Stop having stress dreams about forgetting my hat and sunglasses somewhere (both of which I don't ever wear)
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Here is a list of the perfect sticker collection on a Nalgene
  1. Heavy handed environmental sticker
    You're a person who drinks out of a reusable bottle! You care about the environment. Let the world know.
  2. REI sticker
    Honestly, this one is just there because you bought your bottle at REI.
  3. "I voted" sticker
    "I care about politics and I want everyone to know"
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Here is a list of who the next 5 presidents and their VP's will be
  1. 1.
    Hillary "American Royal Family" Clinton w/ Joe Biden
    Let's be honest: Hillary is going to win. No question. Our pick for VP was an easy one: why fix something that isn't broken. Joe Biden, Vice President for life.
  2. 2.
    Kanye West w/ Elon Musk
    Kanye 2020. He's a true visionary. Not only are we predicting Yeezy's presidency, but an unexpected friendship between him and Elon Musk of new-NASA.
  3. 3.
    Elon Musk w/ Kevin Spacey
    Oh no! Elon Musk pulled a "House of Cards" on Kanye! Who better to choose as a VP accomplice? Kevin fucking Spacey.
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Pizza is good. These are some flavors I want to see at my local pie joint.
  1. Sesame Chicken
    Sometimes you want to eat pizza, but you're more in the mood for Chinese. Why not have both? You should never settle.
  2. Doritos
    Doritos are fucking delicious, am I right?
  3. M&M
    Princess Diaries anyone? Sometimes you gotta have some sweet with the salt.
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Here is a list of all of the great deals I'm gonna snag on this day of @ home shopping
  1. ...
  2. Are rice crispy treats on sale?