Here is a list of the perfect sticker collection on a Nalgene
  1. Heavy handed environmental sticker
    You're a person who drinks out of a reusable bottle! You care about the environment. Let the world know.
  2. REI sticker
    Honestly, this one is just there because you bought your bottle at REI.
  3. "I voted" sticker
    "I care about politics and I want everyone to know"
  4. Arc'teryx or Patagonia sticker
    Because we can't already see that I have money to blow from the $500 Goretex jacket you're wearing.
  5. National Park sticker
    This is how you strike up conversations with other people who have taken a picture of the same eagle's butt.
  6. Coffee shop sticker
    Keep it local, bitches. No Starbucks for this guy.
  7. Local outdoor gear store sticker
    "I like the idea of supporting small business, but the REI return policy is such a great deal..."
  8. College sticker
    Oh really? Did you go to Bowdoin? That's so interesting.
  9. Ski resort sticker
    "Would you like to hear about my ski vacation in Vail?"
  10. Climbing gear sticker
    You don't even have to climb for this one! As long as you get to the climbing gym at least once a year, you're in the clear.
  11. Duct tape
    Nothing says "outdoor wizard" like constant duct tape accessibility.