1. In the Summertime" by Mungo Jerry
    This seems like the perfect song to go under a fun floppy hat montage, but listen closely and you'll realize it's absolutely not. Because it's about date rape.
  2. "Pop Goes the Weasel"
    See above.
  3. Anything by Radiohead
    It's a cheap move. Earn those emotions! With Philip Glass, or something.
  4. "Hallelujah," any version
    So I think my favorite joke I've ever written is in 6-year-old pilot, where the opening of "Hallelujah" starts to play over a totally way emotional moment and then cuts off immediately: "just kidding!" I will take a bow now.
  5. "Paradise by the Dashboard Lights"
    Could you imagine?? This song is a montage unto itself.
  6. "Mambo Number 5"
    Unless you're Lars Von Trier, in which case, I love it.