1. Pyramid Scheme
    Come on my podcast and talk about your podcast!
  2. 120 Minutes About Bees
    I have recently learned a lot of new information about bees. I find them to be quite fascinating. 120 minutes a week worth of fascinating? Not a fucking CHANCE, buddy… but that’s what makes this special.
  3. Wait, WHAT Did You Just Say, You Ridiculous Idiot?
    An in-depth look at popular songs with famously misheard lyrics. Why do people hear Taylor sing about “lonely Starbucks lovers”? Or CCR crooning an ode to that “bathroom on the right”? Almost definitely it’s because those words all sound like the actual words, but we will for sure explore other possibilities.
  4. Awful Florida Shit
    Just a weekly rundown of weird and horrifying Florida shit.
  5. Weekly Complaints About Traffic
    Best listened to while in traffic.
  6. Interviews With Mascots
    You know who probably has some good stories? Sports team mascots. Most mascots actually aren’t allowed to talk, but that shouldn’t exclude them from guesting on my podcast.
  7. @arimelber financial beach podcast.
    Like, he only does the podcast from a beach, broadcasting out of Somewhere You're Not Trying to Think About Money.
    Suggested by @videodrew