Everyone has seven, they say
  1. For reference, this is me
    E58a5850 0a47 4d74 aa31 1d99969a037e
  2. Dora the Explorer
    2ed3980f f9b1 4ea2 b4f0 58dcbd053d51
  3. Marty Feldman
    A1a12ea7 1c5e 4f0a a85c 6a535782e1bc
  4. This chimpette watching TV
    F298fbc4 4d19 436a 9538 b2de8b1d8621
  5. Walt Jr.
    Efaaf537 5b80 4560 b94c 17ad16401bc7
  6. Me again, but you probably can't tell
    4f6465f9 f49a 4448 9768 d3a26592997a
  7. An Edward Gorey dame
    C908b833 474b 416a 9c72 97a6b423a9f7
  8. A Mark Ryden dame
    0670aa2f c1bc 4fd0 943b 504164fc604e
  9. This bunch of pipe cleaners, I guess
    66a62ed8 3ee1 4d73 979c 4bb8371ee7f4