1. Picked up dress from seamstress. Didn't try it on because she was being berated by angry little man with "totally ruined" suit. He's a lawyer, guys.
  2. Was platonically cat called by lady at stoplight. Shared modcloth love with her.
  3. Discussed accidental racism with uncle while dropping off pictures for memorial table.
  4. Peeped in my cousin's house, convinced someone was inside, before dropping cash for cake equipment in her mailbox.
  5. Sat in lots of LA traffic
  6. Mailed tie to groomsman who will not be at rehearsal. Silently cursed him in my head.
  7. Successfully convinced my venue coordinator that I am going nuts. Why does everyone keep telling me to breathe?
  8. Made what is likely the last deposit to wedding fund account. Felt good for 2.5 seconds
  9. Immediately spent half of deposit.
  10. Gave up on life and treated myself to a boba tea.