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  1. Bob
    Top of the list, always. I always said if he were a person he would be the one I was destined to be with. I mean, after I have nightmares I look at pictures of him to calm down. Clearly after three years I'm still in mourning--but how can you blame me? He saw me through my emo phase all the way to my stoner phase and into my present self #reallove
  2. Gus
    I'm a dog person by nature, cat person by nurture. Perfectly enough, Gus is a dog trapped in a cats body. He came to me by way of the universe and now I have a PIC for another 18 years minimum. Also, he's incredibly fuzzy and let's me bury my face in his tummy. Could I need anything more?
  3. Judge
    My love for morbidity and horror starts with this cat. He was the leather face of felines, truly. It wasn't uncommon to find blood trails all through the house leading up to a severed mouse or vol head strategically placed on the scale in the bathroom, or perhaps on the cutting board on the kitchen counter. It was instinctual and intentional, and I loved it. Especially because he never let up his facade, even when you'd scratch behind his ears or feed him a can of tuna
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  1. Dolphin
    Age 3
  2. Ballerina
    Age 5--My hand-eye coordination is all out of whack, something still true to this day* *Tends to trip while walking
  3. Dolphin
    Age 6
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