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  1. the sunset walk to/from campus is always beautiful
  2. so much convenience comes with living in a city
    starbucks across the street, shopping and restaurants 5 minutes away
  3. studying in coffee shops is a nice break from studying in libraries
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  1. snapchat for uber
  2. waze for MIT
  3. tinder for dogs
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spending 12 weeks working this summer (and not being home for an additional 2 months before that) makes me really appreciate being home
  1. I can play with my dog 24/7
  2. my bed is much more comfortable than I remembered
  3. there's so much food in this house (and I don't have to pay for it!!)
    I've forgotten how good my parents are at cooking
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  1. listen to jazz in the National Art Gallery sculpture gardens
  2. nom on custom pizza from &pizza
  3. explore Georgetown
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sorry to everyone around me, but if any of these songs come on, I will start singing along, despite having a horrible voice
  1. all night longer - sammy adams
  2. timber - ke$ha
  3. in the night - the weekend
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Writing a list about procrastination to help myself procrastinate
  1. Facebook
    Can't mention the word "procrastination" without mentioning Facebook tbh
  2. Solving Rubik's cube
    A recently learned skill
  3. Playing online solitaire
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I have a tendency to use the awkward emojis
  1. 😕
    sometimes substituted with :-/
  2. 👍
    for when I'm too lazy to write "ok"
  3. 😬
    always good for awkward situations
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  1. While she loves snuggling in bed with my parents...
  2. She has taken over my bed
  3. ...And my sister's bed.
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Thank you Hannah for this list request!
  1. She likes The Office
  2. She got 10/10 on Buzzfeed Quiz about Office pranks
  3. She likes How I Met Your Mother
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