1. 15Romolo
    Tucked in a dark alley amidst strip clubs galore. Delicious cocktails, great date spot. Plus they got a photo booth.
  2. Liguria Bakery
    Fresh focaccia of all flavors -- Rosemary, sundried tomato, garlic. Bring cash. Sells out before noon.
  3. Goldenboy Pizza
    A 2am square slice of veggie pizza will solve all your troubles.
  4. Glow Yoga
    Erika's class🙏
  5. Reveille Coffee
    Delicious avocado toast + fried egg. Fun people watching.
  6. Washington Square Park
    Less fratty than Fort Mason, less waspy than Lafayette Park, less hipster and rambunctious than Dolores. Get a slice of pizza from Tony's and eat it here.
  7. Lola of North Beach
    Little shop with a HUGE selection of cute cards.
  8. Kell's
    For your rowdy 2000's rap fix.