I don't dream a lot but this one has stayed with me...
  1. I was working in India. ( I've never been to India) and was at the end of my job there.
  2. All of a sudden, I realised I needed to get to the airport and fly home to Australia. The driver took many wrong turns to the airport and I was panicked to the point of tears.
  3. I arrived at the airport to check in but the flight had exploded on the airport tarmac - all passengers died. Fire, Chaos everywhere.
  4. I waited for the next flight and boarded the aircraft.
  5. Upon boarding I could see I little girl, playing near the wheels of the aircraft. I asked the flight attendant about this and she was indifferent about it. No one seemed the least bit concerned, except me.
  6. All of a sudden the plane took off and I saw this little girl die from being squashed on the tarmac. I was completely distressed, crying and in shock. No one else seemed to care.
  7. Then the aircraft landed, not in Australia, but in Malaysia.
  8. I was pretty ok being there ( have worked in Malaysia) so found an apartment there. There was a young boy about 6 years old in this apartment, and two men looked after him.
  9. I realised that the men were in a human trafficking ring so I took the boy back to his family home to his Mother. Then I woke up.
  10. This dream hasn't left me for 2 days now and has left a bad taste in my mouth.
  11. Am now completely intrigued about what my dream is telling me😩!!!!