In honor of my brothers 26th birthday and trying not to curl up in a ball and cry all day today
  1. I went to a place that we all went to as a family and therefore shared so many good memories there
  2. I have pictures that remind me that I had an amazing brother
    That's about as loving as he got :)
  3. I have a family that loves me and supports every stupid idea I have
  4. I have friends that I can go to for advice and also good laughs
  5. I have a video he took after he buried me in snow
    Sometimes I forget what his voice sounded like and the video has him talking (mocking me) and laughing and it's nice to remember his laugh
  6. I have my life starting to fall into place a bit
    For now
  7. I have visited Ireland and went to places my brother went
    Torc Falls
  8. I spent a lot of time with him the last few months before he passed
    His college was about 20 minutes from me so he hung out a lot
  9. He introduced me to Mumford and Sons
    And when I listen to them, I pretend he's there and listening with me. And have spent more money than I care to admit on tickets because it's something I'd like to think he would have done
  10. His old friend Brenna is now my best friend and I call her a sister
    She's one of those people I always go to just to talk about him
  11. He was and is always there for me, I know that now
  12. He had so many friends that still think of him and my family and that makes me smile
  13. I've feeling a better lately
    Take that as you may
  14. That he was my brother and I got to spend 18 years learning from him
  15. He taught me how to use sarcasm
    Don't think he meant for me to use it to insult everyone
  16. My parents kept up his Facebook
    So I can go back and see his posts that make me laugh
  17. Nature is always reminding me that life is truly amazing
  18. There are so many things in life to make me laugh
    People around me mostly, always can count on them to make me remember life is good
  19. Having places to go that remind me of him
    From the creek near my house to the lake where we spent almost every summer
  20. I have places to talk about him and make everyone feel like they knew him
    I don't talk about him a lot, but when I do I don't shut up. This list is case in point
  21. I see him in my little cousins when they make fun of me or laugh
  22. Some of his friends still share new stories with me about him
  23. I get told that I'm just like him sometimes
    Usually right after I make a sarcastic comment.
  24. My parents
    Simply that. They're the best and strongest people and I know I can always count on them
  25. I can try to help others
    Because I have a reason to want to help
  26. I have a life to live to the fullest and a reason not to waste this life given to me