1. He's actually a cop that used to come and help with traffic on busy weekends
  2. He's a silver fox
    I used that term to describe Anderson Cooper once and my dad didn't look me in the eyes for a week
  3. He's a dad
    His daughter comes in sometimes and she's super nice
  4. He's always up for small talk
    Something I'm terrible at but I try my hardest when he comes in
  5. He bought a flamingo today
    I was about to tell him that my dad had a few flamingos at our house but chose not to (see later bullet for my reasoning)
  6. We have him a company shirt for a gift once and he wore it shopping and tons of people asked him questions
    He's never worn it again
  7. He is like a captain now so he never does traffic anymore but he's come in about 10 times already
  8. I might ask him to be my second dad
    *makes list object too all the more creepy but I'm just being honest*