1. Don't sweat the small shit
    This might seem obvious, and I should also probably follow my own advice, but it's easy to worry about the little things and be anxious over them ("what if they thought I was a weirdo?" Was my biggest downfall) and then we can focus on the bigger picture (like how ducking awesome you are) so that's my first thing to remember (I actually wrote this on my notebooks and a piece of paper that stuck on my wall of my dorm, just as a reminder)
  2. The only thing you should ever change about yourself is how you see yourself
    Because I don't know you all in person, but I know that ever my single one of you is beautiful and awesome. I've tried changing myself for others and it never makes me like myself anymore than I did before, whether it be losing weight or changing the way I talk about myself . Now I'm trying to lose weight for me, and trying to be happier and when I say positive things about myself, I have to believe them before I say them
  3. Say what you need to say
    (Slight hat tip to Mr. Mayer) but for real. It's hard sometimes to say what's on your mind, and again I should listen to this advice, but although there might be consequences for what you say, if you don't say them, the rest of your life you'll be thinking about how much would be different if you said what you wanted (or that might just be my tendency to over think literally everything)
  4. And finally ASK FOR HELP
    I've learned that asking for help isn't such a bad thing. In school we're programmed to kind of figure it out on our own, but in the real world, sometimes you need a Gandalf or a Dumbledore to show you the way. I wouldn't have gone to see the counselor at school if it hadn't been for my brothers death, but they helped me with my anxiety and so much more than just talking about my feelings. Society shouldn't shame those who need a little extra advice or help, we should celebrate our humanity
  5. And also just good luck!
    Be you, be true, and be fabulous