Just because I don't have any better ideas for lists but can't sleep
  1. Slept in till 10am twice in one week
    Usually I wake up at 8, crash at 9pm
  2. Made it into my fantasy hockey league playoffs
    And have the most trades because my picks dropped like flies the entire season (they're all healthy now but some got booted to the minors and that didn't help much)
  3. Made extra cash watching animals
    I think I have "you can trust me with your animals" stamped on my back. No one really asks me to watch their children anymore (kind of appreciated since by Friday I need a break from kids). * no offense to children, they're awesome, but I've had too many children sneeze in my mouth to be like yes babysitting*
  4. Took some time for myself
    I reread some of HP and the sorcerers stone
  5. I started the week with a cold and am getting over it
    *accomplishment because my immune system is 💩 and it typically takes me about 2 weeks to start feeling better
  6. I hope everyone's week was splendid and have a Happy Easter