So here's a list of things I'll say yes for sure
  1. Want ice cream?
  2. Want my Netflix password?
  3. Can you watch my dog?
  4. Do you like me?
    Yes, if I didn't I'd probably be walking away so I didn't have to say no, because the motto is "yes"
  5. Want to go out for coffee?
    Yes, because I like coffee and I can tolerate you
  6. Are you still alone?
  7. And you're okay with that?
    Absolutely yes. I am just fine on my own. I got the occasional dog or cat to keep me company
  8. Want to meet us out for a drink?
    Please hold until 2017 until "yes" isn't the motto and I can say no
  9. Can you work a few more hours?
  10. Would it be better for you to get some sleep?