1. Oh pretty!
  2. Just in time for Christmas
  3. Oh no, did I get my snow tires on?
  4. These people should slow the duck down if the snow is sticking
  5. Bro, slower, not 25 in a 40.
  6. This will all be gone by Monday
  7. This isn't even falling in ski country
  8. This is chaos
  9. My 20 minute commute just took 45 minutes
  10. I don't even have all my winter clothes out
  11. It was 70 degrees on Monday
  12. Seeing people in the ditch makes me nervous
  13. I hope they're okay
  14. Should I help?
  15. That'll cause an accident
  16. What do I do?
  17. Once I'm home you won't get me out