Chris O'dowd Reaction Gifs

So I've started IT Crowd for the 4th time this year. Sue me
  1. Really anytime people piss you off
  2. When Green Day keeps making to mamma jokes and it's starting to get on your nerves
  3. When you're telling your friend about how your mom keeps trying to give you advice using metaphors and it's just not working
  4. You'll probably need this one after a friend sends you a picture or video of some animal, probably a baby animal. Or when they're asking how you're doing it
  5. When you forgot you had plans with someone and they ask if you're coming. When really you're in pajamas and just made a cup of tea
  6. Anytime something kind of funny is said
  7. After you say "what do you mean I can't dance?!" For reiteration of the fact you can dance
  8. When someone returns to a group message and you hadn't noticed
  9. When someone asks what I did exactly while working at IT in college
    True story though. I get asked that in interviews sometimes because I kept it on my resume. Somehow "googling the answers and then telling the caller" doesn't seem like a good thing to say