Dean Winchester Reaction Gifs

I might have binged Supernatural a few times. I should probably say inspired by @franksars
  1. When your friends mad you made her come home
  2. When your friend is explaining something and you don't understand
  3. When you have to be in the same room as two or more people fighting
  4. When you see your crush and they say hello to you
  5. When you had a rough week and someone asks what tour plans are
  6. What you imagine yourself doing when you see someone cute
  7. What you actually look like when you see someone cute
  8. When someone asks you if you think you're funny
  9. When everything hurts
  10. When you don't have anything to add to a conversation so you just sit there like
  11. When you and your sister get in an argument and you win
  12. Me. Like everyday
  13. When you see a cute guy in your dream and make this face
  14. But in reality
    Repeat? Maybe
  15. When someone that annoys you says something and you look at our friend
  16. When you think you understand but you definitely want to ask "what?"
  17. When your eyes are super dry
  18. When you're the third wheel and the first two wheels are over PDAing
  19. When you wake up and think about what you're going to eat for breakfast
  20. When you're in the shower and you realize you forgot a towel
  21. When someone calls you cute
  22. When a telemarketer calls
  23. When you go to air guitar but have misplaced your guitar so you have to improvise
  24. When someone makes a joke and you want to laugh but it kind of hurts your feelings
  25. When you do something super cool
    Or in my case, I walk across the street without tripping
  26. When someone's checking you out and you act super cool
    I actually am not sure what this would look like or how to do said "act super cool" so this is a guess
  27. When you have to pull out the smolder
  28. When you in trouble but still gotta look good
  29. When you see something you'd rather not but don't know what to do
  30. When you pass by your crush and think they say your name